Pioneering technology company, producing plate heat exchangers since 1923

APV in Brazil

APV Heat Transfer is a global and traditional company in the industry market, responsible for creating the plate heat exchanger in 1923, being one of the greatest pioneers of the modeling, pressing, welding, and sealing technologies, as well as other processes applied to the development of heat exchange plates. It is an international tradition company working in the Brazilian market for over 60 years.


APV is currently a brand of the SPX FLOW group and is consolidated by high-quality and high-reliability products. It is also a pioneer in the manufacturing of plate heat exchangers to the food, beverage, sugar and alcohol, and petrochemical industries, among others.


The integration with ICP makes APV incessantly try to keep its place at the top when it comes to plate heat exchangers, which have always been the finest in the Brazilian market. To do that, they continue to offer the proper structure to provide services to our household customers.

We are committed to keep the APV/SPX brand’s place at the top in the Brazilian market of plate heat exchangers, providing the proper structure to provide services to our household customers.

About ICP

ICP is a Brazilian company specialized in plate heat exchangers, dedicated to the manufacturing of new equipment, provision of spare parts and associated equipment, as well as provision of technical assistance services and maintenance and repair for any brand or maker of heat exchangers.

We work as SPX FLOW integrators, that is, we manufacture the heat exchangers with the APV plate technology and provide the authorized technical assistance for the APV/SPX heat exchangers installed throughout Brazil.


Our plant and service center are located in the City of Itupeva, State of São Paulo, and the sales office is in the City of São Bernardo do Campo, also in the State of São Paulo.

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ICP counts on highly skilled partners and has three foundation pillars:

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