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We provide equipment for several industrial segments throughout Brazil.

The plate heat exchanger technology is greatly valued in the manufacturing processes.

The equipment is used in the most diverse manufacturing processes, from food and beverage to chemical, energy, ironworks and oil & gas. The heat exchanger’s versatility allows a wide range of applications, providing cooling, heating, condensation, and evaporation.

We work in the following sectors:

Food and beverage

The ICP plate heat exchangers are used both in the pasteurization and independent heating, regeneration, and cooling processes in the food and beverage sector. The heating allows a meticulous control of the food treatment and conservation temperatures.

Chemical and petrochemical

Widely used throughout the chemical and petrochemical chain, the ICP plate heat exchangers are deployed to extract crude oil in oil and refining platforms, as well as for the manufacturing of each of its derivatives. Special materials, such as Titanium, make these applications a reality for our products.

Ironworks and mining

The plate heat exchangers are used in diverse ironworks and mining processes Plate heat exchangers are being offered for very high flows, with connections of up to 20” with special alloys, such as Hastelloy, are available in our product line.

Energy and biofuel

The ICP plate heat exchangers not only feature great thermal efficiency, but also have a compact, flexible design, which facilitates maintenance works. These are the crucial points for the equipment used in the oil industry, alcohol distillation plants, and biodiesel, thermal, and hydroelectric plants.

Paper and cellulose

The manufacturing of paper and cellulose has been usually associated to effluents due to the great water consumption volume. The ICP plate heat exchangers have an imperative role in improving the water efficiency process and to reduce energy costs.

Metal and mechanical

An accurate temperature control and efficient cleaning are essential to ensure the final product quality. With a wide range of solutions in heat exchangers, for the most diverse processes, ICP designs and provides the heat exchanger you need, no matter what the processes and fluids are.

ICP has a specialized, qualified, and skilled technical body and a complete structure to provide services anywhere in Brazil with the shortest delivery time.

All ICP technicians are qualified to provide OFFSHORE work services.

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